A story I illustrated about a Ghanaian boy’s grandfather. A nice project for the NGO One Billion and its digital library.LEER MÁS

Think Equal es un programa de Aprendizaje Socio-Emocional (SEL) desarrollado por el Centro de Inteligencia Emocional de la universidad estadounidense de Yale, y creado, en palabras de su fundadora, para “formar a nuestras nuevas generaciones en valores universalesLEER MÁS

«The Long Red Coat» was my first publication for Random Publishing for the UK’s phonics programme for all UK classrooms. LEER MÁS

«Hello, I’m PAS! It is a project where I develop the traits and characteristics of highly sensitive people. A journey through the senses and emotions that, many times, overflow the protagonist.LEER MÁS

«I love Dino very much but…» is a personal project that I am very fond of. A boardbook for the little ones to develop empathy and patience…and with a surprising ending!LEER MÁS